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Santa Monica Mornings

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Santa Monica Mornings

Brittany McCallum

I lived in Northern California for two years and spent the summers in Los Angeles. During my time in L.A., I took advantage of the endless places around the city to exercise outdoors. One of my favorite areas to workout was in Santa Monica. My typical workout began very early in the morning. I would wake up around 6am and throw on something warm, L.A. mornings are often chilly. Then walk out my front door and immediately head for the Santa Monica stairs located on 4th Street & Adelaide Drive. I would spend a solid hour or more running the stairs then through Palisades Park and along the bike path near the ocean. 

Then it was time to shower, eat a big breakfast, relax and get dressed for yoga class. Yogis Anonymous is one of my favorite yoga studios in the country and was located a couple blocks down my street so I would walk there a several times a week. Josie Kramer is an amazing instructor- I wish I could take her class everyday! I can't wait to get back to Los Angeles this summer and pick up where I left off.