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Atlanta's Top Natural Beauty Stores

Brittany McCallum

While searching for the best wellness spots around ATL, I discovered two fantastic natural beauty stores. I try to live as holistic and organic as possible, and these innovative local businesses make it easy to stock up on my favorite clean and eco-friendly products. 

Little Barn Apothecary 

I stumbled upon this gem one afternoon while walking through the Westside Provisions District. The gorgeous entrance drew me in, and its walls shelved with organic, non-toxic products instantly hooked me. As I walked around the store, grabbing various necessities (anything from natural toothpaste to fresh scented candles) one of the owners, Joshua Morgan, approached me with a flood of information about his store. He and his partner, Brad Scoggins, created an all-natural skin care line crafted from organic and wild harvested ingredients. Their Little Barn Apothecary products are sold alongside an impressive collection of wellness brands. 

My favorite items sold at Little Barn Apothecary:

Binchotan Facial Puff

Run the charcoal puff under warm water to instantly soften then lightly massage it all over your face. It's an excellent exfoliator, gentle enough for sensitive skin, but powerful enough to tackle clogged pores and blackheads. I use my puff everyday with a facial cleanser and have drastically noticed softer, brighter skin. 

Honeysuckle + Grapefruit Body Oil

This body oil feels light, absorbs quickly and smells heavenly! It has a sweet citrus scent that complements my perfume. I recommend putting it on right after taking a shower, while your body is still damp, allowing the oil to really soak in. I love the glow it leaves on my skin during the day and I like to reapply before bed for extra nourishment. 

Fig & Flower 

When I shop at Fig & Flower, I feel comfortable purchasing any item in the store without worrying about harmful ingredients lists. I trust Sara Lamond's judgement, founder of Atlanta's first all-natural beauty store, when it comes to safe products to use on my body. She along with her employee's are extremely knowledgable about the wellness industry. I always learn something new about health and beauty when chatting with the employees as I browse the store. Fig & Flower has a large selection of natural makeup brands and they take it to the next level by providing makeup lessons. I plan on scheduling a time with Sara, allowing her to apply makeup using the right products for my skin tone. Natural makeup can get pricey so it's important to learn as much as I can before I make the investment. 

My favorite item sold at Fig & Flower:

One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil

Two thumbs up for this enzyme cleansing oil. Vitamin B is known for its anti-aging properties, and the fruit enzyme helps exfoliate without striping the skin. I recommend using it at night as both your cleanser and makeup remover.