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Explore Tulum

Brittany McCallum

I live by the saying "collect moments not things" and always look for ways to open my world through new experiences. Traveling is the ultimate inspiration. I love to discover new places and it leaves me with a hunger to see even more of the world. 
A friend of mine suggested that Tulum would be the perfect get away for a yogi like myself so I started doing some research. I found that many people described the city using the word "magical". I was intrigued, so I booked a trip and brought my best friend, Aren, along with me.

Tulum sits on one of the nicest beaches in Mexico about and hour and a half drive from Cancun. It's a quiet city with a bohemian vibe which is a nice change from the typical tourist location. Its beauty is heavenly and truly breathtaking. 

Instead of staying in one of the boutique hotels along the beach, Aren and I rented an apartment in the jungle. I am always down for an adventure and because we scheduled a couple days at a resort in Cancun after our time in Tulum, we decided to start the vacation by doing something different. 


"Go exploring."

The first thing we did was visit the Mayan ruins. I highly recommend paying $10 to walk the grounds with a tour guide. We learned so much about the only Mayan city built on the coast and left wanting to know more about the ancient people.


"When was the last time you did something for the first time?"

It's very important for me to constantly challenge myself and push the limit so on this trip Aren and I stepped out of our comfort zones when visiting the Sac Actun Cenote. Cenotes are natural sinkholes found all over this region of Mexico. The water was crystal clear, but the majority of the cenote was underground and in a dark cave. We were so excited see it, but as soon as we got in the water we both freaked out and couldn't believe what we were doing. After we calmed down we managed to journey through the unbelievable 45 minute tour. I'm so happy we went. It was the type of experience that makes you say, "Hey, if I can do that I can do anything." It was definitely a moment I will never forget. 

Watch a clip from our adventure here!


The restaurants, clothing stores and boutique hotels were located on the most gorgeous street resting seamlessly in nature. 

We had a wonderful dinner at Gitano. The atmosphere was absolutely beautiful and we really enjoyed listening to the live band. I recommend ordering totopos which is their version of guacamole, the roasted sweet potato or grilled cauliflower steak. 

The shopping was unlike anything I had ever seen. All of the stores were outdoor among the trees. 

"Find joy in the ordinary"

At the end of the trip, I asked Aren what her favorite part was. She enjoyed exploring the cenote, but for me, I was simply amazed by the Caribbean Sea and beauty of the surrounding. Walking down the soft white sandy beach staring out into the turquoise water filled my heart. Being completely present in an environment like Tulum brings a peace like no other.